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TransTake is a trusted and reliable customs clearance service provider in (BKC BDB PCCCC) Mumbai, that specializes in handling shipments of precious items like Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Gems. Our experience and expertise in clearing these items through customs makes us the right choice for businesses and individuals who deal with such valuable cargo in Mumbai.


Various factors have to be considered while importing Jewellery in India. India’s import regulations and India’s Free Trade Agreement are two points to consider; It is important to carefully research the relevant policies before making any purchase. Additionally, Importing or exporting valuable items like diamonds, gold as well as precious stones can be a complicated process that involves a lot of paperwork and regulations. With TransTake’s customs clearance services, businesses and individuals can rest assured that their shipments are in safe hands. Our experienced team of professionals is well-versed in customs clearance procedures and regulations related to import and export of high-value shipment. With all these factors in mind, those interested in importing Jewellery into India can benefit from working closely with a trusted and experienced Customs Broker like TransTake, who can assist you in navigating this often complex process with ease.


Gold, Diamond and Stone Customs Clearance Agent in Mumbai

Here are some important considerations and procedures for precious cargo customs clearance:

Documentation: Proper documentation is essential for customs clearance of precious cargo. This includes commercial invoices, certificates of authenticity, appraisals, export or import licenses (if required), and any other relevant documentation to establish the value, authenticity, and origin of the goods.


Valuation: Precious cargo must be accurately valued for customs purposes. Customs authorities may request supporting documents such as appraisals, sales receipts, or professional assessments to determine the value of the goods and assess applicable duties and taxes.


Customs Declaration: A detailed customs declaration is necessary to provide information about the precious cargo being imported or exported. The declaration should include a thorough description of the goods, their value, quantity, country of origin, and relevant harmonized system (HS) codes for customs classification.


Security Measures: Precious cargo often requires enhanced security measures to protect against theft, damage, or illegal trade. Customs authorities may require additional security checks, sealing of containers, or escorts during transportation to ensure the integrity of the cargo.


Temporary Import/Export: For certain cases, such as exhibition displays or temporary shipments, customs procedures for temporary import or export may apply. Temporary importation allows goods to enter a country for a limited period without paying import duties and taxes. Proper documentation and time restrictions need to be met for temporary import or export.


ATA Carnet: An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that simplifies the temporary importation of goods into multiple countries. It eliminates the need to pay customs duties and taxes or complete customs declarations for each country. ATA Carnets are commonly used for exhibitions, trade shows, and other temporary purposes involving precious cargo.


Compliance with Regulations: Precious cargo may be subject to additional regulations beyond customs requirements, such as those related to cultural heritage, endangered species, intellectual property rights, or export control. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to ensure smooth customs clearance and avoid legal issues.


Customs Bond or Security: In some cases, customs authorities may require a customs bond or security deposit to ensure compliance with customs regulations and payment of duties and taxes. The bond or security is typically released or refunded upon fulfilling the customs requirements.


Due to the high value and unique nature of precious cargo, it is recommended to consult with specialized customs brokers or freight forwarders experienced in handling valuable goods. These professionals can provide guidance, assist with proper documentation, navigate complex customs procedures, and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations to facilitate the smooth customs clearance of precious cargo.


Precious cargo clearance services we offer-

  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stones & Jewellery – Studded & Non Studded, Gold & Silver (DTA-Domestic Tariff Area only) at Precious Cargo Customs Clearance Center (PCCCC), Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), BKC, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds & Jewellery – Studded & Non Studded, Gold & Silver (DTA only) at Surat Hira Bourse (SHB), Surat
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stone &Jewellery – Studded, Gold & Silver; at SEEPZ – Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Andheri, Mumbai
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stone & Jewellery – Studded, Gold & Silver; at SUR SEZ – Special Economic Zone, Sachin, Surat.

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