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TransTake is known as the best customs clearance agent in Mumbai & Delhi.


You may know that there are plenty of customs clearing agents available at Mumbai as well as Delhi airport, but the real question is how many of them are cooperative and reliable, who can provide you with timely clearance and forwarding services, without any hidden charges and at cost-effective rates. Sometimes some agents may try to take advantage of the name of the customs officials to charge you extra for clearing the shipment, giving false reasons to common importers who are not well informed.


A reliable cost effective customs clearing agent meets customer expectations in all air and ocean ports. A cost-effective customs clearing agent knows what his customer wants, so he carefully studies and analyzes all the components of the respective shipment. So that the importer or exporter will benefit from it.We understand the challenges faced by global businesses and stay up-to-date with customs compliance, regulations and procedures and this helps us provide the best custom handling processes and save you from unnecessary expenses.

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“Being recognized as one of the best custom clearance agents our top priority is and always has been to provide the best service to our customers by understanding their needs."

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