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TransTake Shipping Solutions Established in 2018, TransTake Shipping Solutions is a leading and effective service provider for all logistics related services. We provide our customers with a single step solution for all their logistics requirements.

We are one of the most competent, experienced, excellent and cost-effective global companies in the field of customs clearing and freight forwarding. Our organization is growing day by day as a trustworthy and affordable customs clearing agent, providing reliable and transparent C & F services.


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TransTake is most preferred organization in major ports in India.





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Their job is to communicate directly with Customs Authorities to guarantee that your goods meet customs requirements.

Custom House Agent in India is a basically a person who has acquired a license to acts as an customs agent for transaction of any business related to departure or entry of transportations or the export or import of goods at any customs station. Generally the businesses that imports or exports goods don’t have knowledge about the rules and regulations of the government and neither do they have any time to look into these matters.it is important to hire a custom house agent (CHA) because they can decrease the likelihood of delays and other customs clearance issues, which can affect your business and customer service.

A Freight forwarder can offer expert advice to the exporter on various logistics-related expenses (such as freight expenses, port expenses, consular fees, documentation costs, insurance fees, cost of merchandise, custom clearance and charges) incurred during the process of exports.A freight forwarding agent is responsible for the movement of goods that are picked from the seller until they are delivered to the buyer’s location.

Customs clearance involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents. TransTake is a one of the  leading sea and air custom clearance agents in Mumbai as well in India that handles customs clearance of imported shipments effortlessly.

One of The Leading Custom House Agents in Mumbai